There is No Such Thing as Disposable

by Alanna
bird s eye view of landfill during daytime

Our discarded things go somewhere

out of sight

trucked onto sprawling piles of stinking garbage

we call landfills

leaching down into groundwater

into the tissues of living creatures

including our own

blown up into the wind

falling as litter to the sides of streets

settling into restless oceans

gobbled up by fish and seabirds

whose plastic filled bodies

wash up on the beaches

dead of starvation

There is no such thing as disposable

illustration by the author

Photo by Tom Fisk on

For the backstory on this poem visit my blog One Sweet Earth

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2 Comments to “There is No Such Thing as Disposable”

  1. Only way out is to reduce our consumption of unnecessary wants.

    • I totally agree! I started my blog, One Sweet Earth to address the whole issue of consumption and sustainable living. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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