The Saturday Evening Post April 2020 Limerick Contest Entry

by Joel Kravitz

SEP Limerick contest 200425

The Saturday Evening Post April 2020 Limerick Contest EntryThe contest is this: write a limerick about the classic Saturday Evening Post picture.

I used to enter this contest regularly. I haven’t entered in a while. I won it one time with a limerick that I was surprised to win with as it had a bit of suggestive innuendo in it. The link to that winning entry is below:

Sitting home, spending way too much time surfing the internet, I did a search for “submit limericks,” and the S.E.P. contest link popped up. I took a quick look at it. The last line of my entry came to me as soon as I looked at it, and, voila, I had a limerick to enter.

Her friends told her that gardening is fun,
And she’s not one to be outdone.
She bought gardening equipment,
And made a commitment…..
Her plant would have its day in the sun!

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