by Jem Croucher

Every so often my soulmate and me
feel like a bit of a change
So oft with a plan
we’ll move things around
and the furniture we’ll rearrange

Some things move up and some will come down
but not much escapes our design
As we’ll think it all out
and when there’s no doubt
we’ll continue before we resign

And when we are done on our laurels we’ll rest
with accomplishment yes, and a smile
And things settle down
until with a frown
another move comes in a while




3 Comments to “Rearranging”

  1. Love this playful rhyme about this externalisation of the need to shuffle things inside. Reminds me of a song by the handsome family on the subject, called ‘Moving furniture around’ 😁

  2. Rearranging is refreshing.

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