How do we still fall in love?

by Megha's World


Fool’s love is all that they say
they abhor the pain and still want to stay
Can’t change the way we are so willing
the way it morphs and shines
like broken glass in a roll of hay

The endless lessons
the zillion lessons
the endless scars we endure
only cause, we want the ONE to stay
cursed is the one
who is willing to bear this pain
and smile through the broken days

If only we could solve this riddle
this maze of juxtapositions
this dichotomy of emotions
changing shades with every ray

Oh! you are a survivor
if you come out unscathed
and smile to stand another day
another day in this burning paradise
charred with singed hearts
covered in the soot of broken promises

How do we still fall in love
dying to be another mannequin
in this cursed land?

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

–Megha Sood



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