42 years and the Force

by Jem Croucher

In the heat of the summer
for a special treat
as we’d both left school for good
A good friend of mine and I
thought that a film
would fit the bill fine as it should

Something called ‘Star Wars’
was all of the rave
so both of us ventured to Brighton
Queued up at the Odeon
for a good seat
unprepared for what would enlighten

And it blew our minds
for nowt of the like
had either of us seen on the screen
Quite the best movie
in seventy-seven
to which we’d agreed we had been

Now forty-two years have
passed by in between
and back at the same Odeon am I
to see Star Wars again
though nine movies on
My how the years seem to fly

And it was just as breathtaking
as it was way back then
when I was still in my youth
As though I’m now sixty
the Force is still strong
and lives on in my heart, that’s the truth


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