Kipper and Skipper

by Colly

image from google search


soft guinea pig


Kipper and Skipper nibble on a piece of hay.


Because guinea pigs like to eat during the day.


At snack-time they squeal, wheek-wheek-wheek!


Because they want another treat.


Baby orange carrots.  And green snap peas.


These tasty vegetables seem to please.




At nail clip time they try to hideaway.


They don’t wish to visit the groomer today.


Snip-snip-snip.  The worker does a very good clip.


Now their nails look nice and neat.


And their nails won’t pinch their feet.



At cage clean time I sweep-sweep-sweep.


With my handheld dustpan and brush.


With my spray bottle, I go squirt-squirt-squirt.


And paper towel wipes away all the dirt.


Now their cage looks fresh and clean.


Time to add some puffy soft bedding.



Look at them!  Kipper and Skipper look happy.


With droopy eyes, they lay down and take a nappy.


Sleep well little guys.  Goodnight.



One Comment to “Kipper and Skipper”

  1. Sorry for the short write but I’m not feeling that well today; hoping I’m not catching a cold.

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