Puffy and Fluffy

by Colly

image from google search

autumn pile




Puffy and Fluffy have much to do.


Sometimes they want to play with you.



Sometimes they want a snack to eat.


Like tiny orange carrots.  And green snap-peas that are sweet.



Sometimes they need a nail clip.


And the groomer will have to go snip-snip.


Sometimes they will need a bath.

That’s when they will run away fast.

No-no.  In the round white basin, you go.



Now, look at you!  You look brand new.



Sometimes they need to play about.

They rub noses.  Scamper and run.

Inside their cage and not out.





Now they get to play outside.

In the leafy autumn pile.

Inside the metal fence, they have fun for a while.


Red-orange-green and yellow leaves tumble about.

As they run in their playpen.

Have fun Puffy and Fluffy!


Sometimes they need to rest awhile.

They stretch out.  Lay down their heads.

On top of a woodchip pile.


Z-z-z-z.  Z-Z-Z

Sleep well Puffy and Fluffy!


Sometimes their messy cage needs a clean.

A dustpan and brush sweep up everything.

Now they’re as two fanciful kings.


Guinea pigs need a lot of pellets and hay.

That’s their main food source during the day!



Puffy and Fluffy wave.


“Visit sometime again,” they say.






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