Snazzy Calico Cavies

by Colly

image found on google search

cute brown cavy




(pg. 1)


Shimmy and Fimmy 


(pg. 2)


My colorful, calico, guinea pigs.


(pg. 3)


They like to eat a lot of snacks.


(pg. 4)


Green snap-peas and baby orange carrots.


And lots of timothy hay.


They also need pellets to snack on too.


(pg 5)


Shimmy and Fimmy like a clean cage.


(pg. 6)


A small dustpan and brush


picks up the dirty mess.


A spray bottle of vinegar and water.


With paper towels wipes the surface clean.




Their dome sleep hut and food dishes are washed too.


(pg. 7)


Once done, fresh bedding is added


to the bottom of the cage.


They get a food treat for waiting patiently.


Out they come from their enclosed hideout.


Because they want another snack.


(pg. 8)


This time it’s small strawberries


from the raised planter box outside.


(pg. 9)


Shimmy and Fimmy have their nails clipped every so often.


At the pet store, the groomer clips their front and back toe-nails.


Then their short nails won’t pinch their tiny, little feet.



(pg. 1o)


Once back home, they get to play in their living-room play-pen.


From inside they run along the rectangle-shaped, wooden bridge.


Hide in the round straw hideout.


And chew on small triangle shaped toys.


(pg. 11)


Guinea pigs are such a joy!


They chatter excitedly when they squeak.






(pg. 12)


And they are fun to hold.


But only when not nervous and shy.


And when they feel frisky and bold.

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