In Praise of Bumblebees

by Alanna

sandy-millar-vhRwpRRQbd0-unsplashThey probe dreamily in the center

Of pie sized yellow flowers that nod towards the east

Keeping me company

As I work in the garden


These tiny winged beasts do their work

Heads up down, up down

Placing in precision their needle-like proboscises

In a sea of stamen and pistil


Gentle black creatures

Intoxicated by pollen and nectar

So immersed in their work

My finger can stroke their furry backs


I find them in the morning exhausted

Dozing in the midst of flowers

Dusted with yellow

Dreaming bumblebee dreams


Photo courtesy Unsplash

For the backstory on this poem and for more on bumblebees go to


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4 Comments to “In Praise of Bumblebees”

  1. Absolutely love this poem, it’s so grand!! ❤

  2. Bumblebees are cuter than honeybees. I love your poem about them. Their work is not as crucial to our survival, but it is necessary nonetheless. ❤

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