I eat colorful fruit!

by Colly



Shutterstock image


shutterstock image


(pg. 1)



Purple plums.




(pg. 2)



Blue bus.




(pg. 3)


A big blue bus.

With round black wheels.




(pg. 4)



Green grapes.



(pg. 5)


And orange slices

On my plate.



(pg. 6)


How do you

like to eat

your fruit?



(pg. 7)


With a spoon.


With a fork.


With my hands.

A yellow, split, banana.




(pg. 8)


Where do you

like to eat

your fruit?



(pg. 9)


Beside a goat?

With a white toe rope.

At the beach.

With a paddleboat.




(pg. 10)


Big, blue waves

wash to and fro.


While I row

my little boat

as I go.



(pg. 11)


I reel with my red fishing rod.

As fish swim, then swish.


Swish-swish, I caught a fish!




(pg. 12)


Would you eat

your fruit

near a hen?



(pg. 13)


She has many feather friends.


They peck-peck.

Seeds that have fallen

on the ground.



(pg. 14)



Say’s the chickens.


Their color is brown.



(pg. 15)


Try to smile!


It looks better than a frown.









2 Comments to “I eat colorful fruit!”

  1. Aww! How creative this is 🙂

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