Zazzy the Cavy – learning my colors

by Colly

photo found on google:


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Pg. 1


I have a cavy.


Pg. 2


Her name is Zazzy.


Pg. 3


From a dish, she eats mini orange carrots.


And tiny, round, green peas.


Pg. 4


Some ripe red watermelon cut into squares.


And juicy yellow pears.


Pg. 5


Zazzy likes to look snazzy.


From a sudsy white bowl


I can soak her fur and clean her toes.


Pg. 6


Then she’s dried off.


Her hair is brushed.


Now she’s ready for her pretty pink bow.


Pg. 7


Zazzy needs to have her nails clipped.


The groomer snips away the curled nails.


Pg. 8


One – Two – Three – Four


Nails are clipped from her two front feet.


Pg. 9


One – Two – Three


Nails are clipped from her two back feet.


Pg. 10


Now her nails look short and straight.


About every three months, her nails are tidied.



Pg. 11


Zazzy needs to have her nap-time.


Under her purple dome hut, she rests.


Pg. 12


As she yawns.


Closes her droopy eyes.


And stretches out – to lay down her head.


Pg. 13


Zazzy needs to have her lap time.


As I stroke her fluffy soft brown fur.


Sometimes she will purr.


Pg. 14


She can peer at the things around her.


Like the yellow parakeet singing a sweet tweet.


Pg. 15


Zazzy needs to have her playtime.


Exercise in her playpen works best.




From there she plays in the blue,


rectangle, shaped tunnel.


In and out she can go.


Pg. 16


Then under the wood bridge, she resides.


And inside the round, brown, nest she hides.


I watch her play.  As she has fun there.


Pg. 17


Zazzy needs to have her cage cleaned.


It’s washed out often – every two days.


Because a cavy can make a mess.


Pg. 18


Once done, fresh cedar bedding


is added to the restful-sleepy-time areas.


Pg. 19


I say goodnight to Zazzy.


Pg. 20


Because she looks ready for a nap again.


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