The Listener

by carareevablog

For the third time this week
He decided to visit in the middle of the night
Like all the other times

When the silence was so heavy
And all I could hear were my soft whispers
He was here to listen
To all my murmurings and musings
And it seemed like that’s all He ever did
Even though I never gave Him a chance to speak
So I named Him “The Listener”
And I told Him about a love I longed for
A love I didn’t have to keep away from the light
Yet yearned for in the dark
What I didn’t realise was
He was the love I had been longing for
He knew it
He continued to listen quietly
With no judgment or reservation
Hands opened wide
Beaconing me to run to Him
But it was as if I was blinded to it
And I kept on pushing Him into the friend zone
Not realising that He was my perfect love
The one that loved my soul with an eternal blaze
All the sacrifices He made for me were visible
The scars from the battles He fought for me were evident
But I took them for granted
Maybe because I knew that His love for me never runs out
Or I feared that the intensity of it would shatter my mind
So I kept on rambling until sleep stole me
Without realizing that the warmth that surrounded me was Him
And patiently He listened

Copyright © 2019 Cara Reeva – All Rights Reserved


One Comment to “The Listener”

  1. Love the metaphorical language here.

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