Guinea Pig nail clip – oh, no!

by Colly




Marvin and Mauve need to clip their toes.


So off to the pet store they go.


A travel carrier will help keep them safe.


The top opens wide.


And then they are lowered gently inside.


The bottom is lined with a soft bed of pine.


Now we know they will be just fine.


Carrots and snap peas are given for treats.


I remind them too, “you need to be sweet.”


Though they feel scared and are uptight.


A good nail clip will feel just right.


It will all be behind them by tonight.


But oh – no.  My poor guinea pigs!!

One Comment to “Guinea Pig nail clip – oh, no!”

  1. I’m happy to report my guinea pigs are back in their cage. The nail clip is done…they had to wait a while in the pet store, where I’d bought them, as a large older cat was having her fur shaved! Time for a cup of tea!

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