Colorful Calico Cavies

by Colly

personal photo



Pg. 1 – 2


It’s breakfast Puffy and Fluffy.


How about some green snap peas?


And green broccoli.



Or the fresh – GREEN’s:


kale, spinach, and cucumber.



Pg. 3 – 4


Would you like some orange carrots too?


One – Two for Puffy and Fluffy to chew.



Cavies can sure eat a lot of vegetables.


But they can also eat fruit – especially watermelon!


Ripe – RED – watermelon.



Pg. 5 – 6


Now it’s time to clean their cage.


The bottom is washed.  The new bedding is laid.


Some shredded paper or cider wood chips.



Pg. 7 – 8


The purple hut is placed back inside.


That’s where they like to play, hide and relax.



Then their red bowl full of food pellets is added.


Their grey trough is filled up with timothy hay.



Pg. 9 – 10


Now they’re all set to run and have fun!


In their large playpen.







You found all these colors today!




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