by Bhavya Prabhakar, India

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 10.24.11 am

The day started with little laze,

wondering if it’s the same roof under

which I started giggling.

I was lost in something gazing at the trees

visible through my window.

What it was ? Was it a myth?

I could not stop gazing at the little creatures

chirping loudly, fighting with each other.

Lost in thinking about this old wicked Leprechaun,

who often came in my dreams

in a modern stereotypical depiction.

In an era of moderation, I liked his appearance

quite chic to disturb my sleep.

My sleep wanting his presence,

to be lost again in his mischievous attempts.

The gaze is not yet over, Leprechaun became

an imaginary character of my insomnia!!



Photo by google.com


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