Sole Mates

by Alanna


We were like two broken-in shoes

Looking for mates

Among a jumble of other used shoes

On a crowded thrift store shelf

Both comfortable

Not dressy

soft soles

Suitable for wear over rough terrain


We recognized in each

A style that matched

Both of us a good fit for each other

Ready to walk together

Until completely worn out


Photo courtesy Pixabay

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5 Comments to “Sole Mates”

  1. Well written. I love the shoe comparison. It fits very nicely!

  2. Very clever use of homonyms. The imagery of “sole-mates” made me smile. I agree, when we can “recognized in each [other] a style that match[es]” we can ” walk together until completely worn out.” I just hope it’s “life” that wears us out… not one another!

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