Really really big

by Jem Croucher

Three thousand people
In Brighton last week
met Brian to talk about space
Not a seat there was free
it was thrilling to see
with excitement right there in the place

The screen on the stage
was the biggest I’d seen
and when filled with the cosmos out there
It filled one with awe
with the things that you saw
and the wonders that he had to share

There was Einstein and theory
and other deep things
and we all lost the plot several times
But the man on the stage
was a seer and sage
and he kept us all feeling just fine

There were quantums and quarks
and black holes and stars
thousands of light years away
Talk of time travel
and other strange things
to mess with your head some would say

But despite all the vastness
and really big stuff
It was good to remember that we
have a life for the now
which we all somehow
need to capture quite wholeheartedly

Astrophysics aside
the professor complied
that really when all’s said and done
reminding the crowd
as we all clapped loud
that the journey had been lots of fun


Photo – Professor Brian Cox at ‘The Brighton Centre’ – live – Sussex – February 2019 – Jempics


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