Be the light..

by Sandeep

Picture Courtesy: Internet

He stood there
Head down
Feeling small
Counting his uphill climb
Imagining how painful
His journey is going to be.

That is what
He saw each of climbs as.
As, that is what
He was made to see
All his life.
Fed up,
He questioned god,
Asking, why was he playing with him?

Apparently, god appeared
And, said,
“You don’t see what you are.
And, what you are
Is this magnificent presence
That has lit these stairs.
Your presence is the necessity
To all time and effort
That you will give to climb.

All that later,
Take pride in your presence first.

You won’t understand me
And my beautiful creation
Which is you,
Until you stop believing
What people have
Made you feel
About yourself,
About these climbs.

Walk away from anyone
Who limits your being.
Shun away each of your
Beliefs that contracts you,
Your expression,
Your reach,
Your effort.
Be the light I made you,
And, not the belief that
The world gave you.”

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