Love Redefined (Part 2)

by carareevablog
He watched me from a distance
I could tell from the shivers running down my spine
Though I pretended not to notice
My body and gaze remained stable
Even as my heart rumbled faster than the ocean's waves
I longed for him to paint my thin lips
With the truth in his tongue
Reciting his desire to know my heart's contents
The air was vibrating with a lust so thick
He didn't have to whisper in my ears
My body melted just from the heat of his calm gaze
As he moved closer to me, yet not close enough
The world seemed to be completely still
Not even the bees buzzed at the scent of the flowers
I wish I could turn my head
And let my eyes dive into the depths of his soul
But I remained fixed on the endless waters
I knew not of his existence till now
Yet i found myself drawn to him somehow
I imagined that when he spoke
His voice would be as raspy as the sand beneath my feet
But would still manage to soothe my fears at the least
My mind craved to kiss his intellect
My heart ached to nurture his flaws
I had "fallen in love" so many times
But this feeling was foreign to me
It had to be love redefined
Copyright © 2019 Cara Reeva – All Rights Reserved


2 Comments to “Love Redefined (Part 2)”

  1. Such a lovely Valentines poem!

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