Four Colorful Seasons

by Colly

clipart photo

school bus children





Yellow bus.  Yellow bus.


Why are you making such a fuss?


Honk.  Honk.





Hurry.  Hurry.


Don’t delay.


The bus is waiting.


Best be on your way.


Up three steps – one two three.

Then onto the seat, I go.

I wave at mom.

She waves at me.

I’ll be back before two-thirty.



Green car.  Green car.


Are you planning to travel far?


Down this bumpy, frumpy, country road.


If your wheel pops will you need a toe?



In winter, the weather is cold.


My coat, toque, and gloves will help keep me warm.


When it’s chilly.  And there’s lots of snow.


As I’m playing outside, white snowflakes

brush over my eye-lashes, nose

and red, rosy cheeks.




Red Sled.  Red Sled.


Swoosh, there it goes down a long hill.


After it stops can I stand still?




Blue bucket.  Blue bucket.


In summer, I fill this up.


Along the seashore, I’ll make more – sandy sea castles.


See a starfish?  See seashells?  See the seagulls squawk and shrill.




Orange leaf.  Orange leaf.


Tossed in the cool, autumn breeze.


Many gather under my feet.


And crunch-crunch as I walk down the street.




Orange pumpkins – carved in autumn.


Make happy yellow-glow faces.


Because of the candles lit inside.





In spring, everything is new.


Green buds in the glen.  Or soft pink petals on a thin stem.


Tiny newborn birds.  In a round brown nest.  Their voices are softly heard – chirpy chirp.


Grey fluffy kittens – meowy meow.  And a Siamese mother cat.


My two, new, purple rubber boots!


I can splish-splash in the puddles and not get my feet wet.


When it rains, and I wear my galoshes.




Each season is fun – spring, summer, autumn, and winter.


What’s your favorite?  Do you have one?

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