Vows, on Valentine’s

by Colly


romance poetry


When God made husband and wife…

He was hoping that we would…



Learn to push and learn to pull.



Learn to romance and let it show.



Learn to love and let it grow.



And His design is perfect…

and has proven good.


Marriage is a faucet that
waters the soil of our outer and inner being…
just plant the right seeds.



2 Comments to “Vows, on Valentine’s”

  1. Yes, the right seeds matter. But, to keep them growing and productive, don’t forget to water them daily with love and fertilize them often each day with respect and gratitude! Happy Valentines Day! 💕👍🏽

    • Oh, love your comment. Respect and gratitude, yes…well, my poem was wrote very fast and off the cuff…but we don’t always get to chose when our inspiration will come…<3

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