Winter Raindrops

by Colly


winter header junco


Raindrops – an elemental thing.  Fastening along a branchlet of spring –

the purple lilac bush.  Already budding with green rosette.  How is this though?

We’re still in the throe of winter’s chill and snow.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

One tiny, iridescent, drop rushes along the vein.  To stop in brevity before descending

downwards.  Wetting the ground in cessation.


2 Comments to “Winter Raindrops”

  1. We love the seasons. Snow is magical. But there’s nothing like a break from the length of winter! Here we are in the CA coast. Ah! Fresh Seafood and Ocean Air!

    • Yes, well, we get a good supply of the four seasons, here in Canada. But this winter has been mild thankfully – usually winter seems so drawn out and I’m weary of it by spring!

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