Love definition (Part 1)

by carareevablog

And there she was,

Sitting on the silky sand enjoying the afternoon,

Watching the sun set over the mystic horizon of the Atlantic,

The last rays of the day still igniting a song in her,

A song so tender and peaceful it could be mistaken to be her.

She listened to the unrehearsed symphony of chirping penguins,

Whispers of lovers spending quality time together,

Telling secrets of a future unknown to them,

Mixed with the melodious laughter of children building sandcastles;

All in glorious harmony,

Following the directions of an invisible conductor, nature…

As I drew near her,

The scent of home engulfed me

The home I had never been to

Yet could instantly recognize and identify in her

The rawness of the ocean as the water kissed the sand beneath her,

The aroma of nectar from the blooming summer flowers,

Could not come close to her sweet incense

Which awakened feelings of happiness and a quiet calm

That I had never experienced before

And yet longed for because of her

I watched her eyes dance with amusement at the scene before her,

Nothing in that moment could compare to the beauty that was her,

A beauty so thick and magical I could even taste it in the atmosphere,

The sun could not help but shine like it was made to resonate her aura

And my heart understood, the definition of love was her

Copyright © 2019 Cara Reeva – All Rights Reserved


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