by Colly


(personal photo)


One by one they escape.

The crows return from whence they came.

Hallowed glow by glint of day shimmers upon icy pathway.

My yellow bird chirps merrily.  Seemingly oblivious to the cold just outside her window.

Freckled face looks hitherto.  She seems to have a lot of words to say this morning.



The snow’s not looking fresh anymore.

As it hasn’t snowed for a couple of days.

A snowman’s form is losing its shape.

My neighbor who walks his dog is out again.

That poor dog has to keep up with its owner’s

vigorous gait.  Well, at least he has a jacket on – as always.



I’m getting an early start on my Christmas dinner preparation.

The glazed ham I made the other day – now frozen – will be ready

to be served come Christmas.

I’ll do the same with a turkey too.

And I always make meatballs.

With working it’s nice to have some of the main course prepared beforehand.



And it was…

When twilight came she fell beneath the moon.

And the stars that night were the shards of her heart.

When morning broke she spake to the sun…

it reminded her, “you are my love.”

There is day.  And it remains with you, for seemingly always.

For, I am a child of the light.

And in His hand’s will I remain.

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