Searching for Muse lost

by pranabaxom

First published on my blog on Dec 10, 2018.

Was it that long ago, by
The south seas
Warm waves crashing,
Bursting bubbles caressing

Our entangled toes,
Seaweeds covering
Our nakedness
Our passion unbridled,



Of our unrequited love,
Silent communication
Coursing through our veins,
Sweet nothings.
South wind impregnated
By our unspoken words, 
As the zephyr dies,
Melodies sing
In our ears.
Hold the moment,
Don’t let it go,
Notus cooed.



Oblivious to the waning moon,
Buried in our thoughts,
Silvery droplets dances on
Our tanned, naked skins. 
As darkness engulfs,
Silhouetted lovers
Lost in silence,
Miss our erased footsteps
Washed out to sea.
South sea has fallen silent,
Waves do not crest,
No bubbles burst,
We lose our tracks,

Muse lost.


Memories cloud my brain so,
Reality keeps its distance,
Was it only imagination?
Passion has not ebbed,
Candle still flickers, as
I roam the world alone
Searching for my muse lost.
Dream on.

Inspiration for this poem came from comments I made to Drew’s excellent, excellent  poem, Bubbles of Love ( The Lonely Author Blog).

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