She is here and…

by Sandeep

She experienced far more
Than people could imagine.

She endured silently
While people sympathized.

She lay there journeying within
While people stood hopeless.

She realized and is immortal, eternal
While people cried over her bones and flesh.

She is here
And people consider her gone.

7 Comments to “She is here and…”

  1. She is here
    Yet she’s there?

      • Hmm. Kinda hard to grab, Buh I’ll try

      • Realizing the essence can take one beyond substance.

        From the perspective of space that a substance occupies here and there are two separate things. Here there is distance between here and there.

        From the perspective of the essence that runs through all substance here is there and there is here. No distance.

        She realized the essence that drove the substance. She was the essence when she realized. She was beyond substance. She is everywhere ! To be with her, is to be in essence. That essence which is common to all. That essence which I have access to in my deepest silence.

  2. She is here and people thought she was gone. I am reminded of people with Alzheimer’s in nursing homes. And I remember how music 🎶 awakens the soul and brings life to the surface. I need to take my accordion and go visit our local nursing home today. Thanks for the reminder. ♥️👍🏽

    • Wow ! Yes. Music is a proven medium to take one within and beyond at the same time. It matters less who the person is. So happy to know that you thought about them! Love.

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