by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

I Hear The Rhythm
Of My Pulse Beating
Between My Ears
As I Tap, Tap, Tap The Keys
As My Fingers
Swiftly Glide
Across Them.

I Start To Feel
The Blush On My Face
As The Heat Of My Blood
Makes Itself Known.

I Stare
At The Computer Screen
Where New Life Begins
And Ends

I’m Addicted
To The Rush Of Power
And Emotions
That Grip My Soul
As The Creator
And Avenger
On The Blank
I Control

Life And Death
By My Hand

The Thrill
Of Writing

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspirational Credit To Penny Wilson’s Seed Of Inspiration Gifted To Me From Her – “And So – Life Begins”  Penny’s Birthday Gift To Me!  Many Thanks!!



  1. There’s nothing quite like it

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