by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

You Think Things
Are Going Well
You’ve Been Together
For Awhile Now
And You Want To Know
“Do We Have A Future

And So You Ask
And Get A Reply
That Still Leaves
You Wondering

They Say,
“Sure, Of Course
We Do.”
But That’s
Not What You
Really Wanted
To Know

What You Meant To Say
Was – Where Is This
And The Answer Is
“I Don’t Know.
Let’s Just Wait
And See.”

And If You Are Like Me
That Seems Like A
Positive Answer
But It Really Isn’t

Most Of The Time
Someone You Have Been
Intimate With Knows
The Answer
To That Question

From Before
Or At Least
After The First Time
You’ve Slept Together

The Thought And Question
In Someone’s Head
Goes Like This
“Is This Someone I Can
See Myself Spending
My Live With?”

So The Truth
Is That No Choice
Or Indecision
Is A Choice
It Is A Smoke Signal
For Those Who Have
Finally Learned
How To Read Them
That A Decision
Really Has Been Made

Reading Smoke Signals
Is A Lost Art
But Knowing How To Do It
Can Save You
A Lot Of Heartache!

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved


2 Comments to “SMOKE SIGNALS”

  1. Even in “established” relationships, this is something still wondered?

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