Winter’s fast Approach, 2018

by Colly


personal photo


You can hear the sound of the bird’s in the distance,

seemingly making quite the ruckus. A horde of

crows, amongst others, flustered over what’s in view.

For a while there it was the lone call of an eagle,

possibly in distress – its call then fading

as it traversed further away.

The leaves are falling as branches sway.

Their last dance, a twirl, whilst they make their

way to settle upon the same below.

Vibrant fall colors are faded now.

And the haze adds to this shielding.

Some trees completely barren have no luster to show.

The lust for the warmth of the sun is ravenous.

And when its rays endure the day glows.

For the most part, it is hidden behind the white sky.

Accompanied by mist, low-line clouds, or fog.

I’m just waiting for the snow, as the temperature

dips below zero. No, not eagerly. More with dread.

Oh, that it would be spring instead!



8 Comments to “Winter’s fast Approach, 2018”

  1. I agree, I like spring better than the ccccoldness of snow. But, for avid snowbirds who love to ski (like my husband), I am grateful that we have four seasons. Autumn in Montana was spectacular this year… but we’ve had our first couple of snowfalls already. Winter is here. Come on, snow… I prefer it to the grayness of barren trees and dead grasses. Thanks for your lovely poem.

    • I’m sure Montana is beautiful in fall; where I am, in Canada, I found myself gravitating to what was to view of BC’s landscape in fall…I do need to visit the US in Autumn, for sure! Our one large tree in our front yard is baron – thankfully. As daily it would cover our lawn with too many leaves – not that I raked them. My husband did, this year. I did not enjoy winter last year; so, I’m not looking forward to snow at all! Thanks for the share, and for commenting, JanBeek!


  3. I hate the winter but love fall. In many ways, it has unrivaled beauty

    • I wonder if it’s this way as one can still enjoy the outdoors, at length, without getting too cold; and yet the air is fresh, crisp. The scenery often wondrous. Thanks for the share, Fire Starter 🙂

  4. I’m from Ohio and think it has a beautiful fall – as long as it doesn’t get too cold. Because you are right, it’s enjoyable as long as it’s not too cold. 😉

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