Colorful Rhyme Time

by Colly

Colorful Rhyme Time


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childs mitts


(pg 1 – 2)


One grey mouse.


Inside a brown house.

To note:


The top part of the picture is a triangle shaped roof – in brown.

Outlined in red pen to highlight a triangle shape.

Slightly separated is the box-shaped house, a square, in brown.

Outlined, also, in red pen to highlight a square shape.

On the left is a square-shaped window with a lip on the bottom for a sill – red outline.

The house has no door, as the picture is animated.

A red pen, thin-shaped, rectangle highlights a “door” entrance.

A real looking fireplace is to the right of the picture – and is square shaped –

no pen highlight.  The mouse is wherever the animator places it.

On the left side of this page (where a thumb would rest – when holding the board

book) is a ruler shaped index.

On the top is the triangle – red pen.

Second is the square.

Thirdly is the rectangle.

The ruler, the index, is in white.


The mouse had a birthday.


He turned one.



To note:


The picture is of one triangle shaped cake piece –

and is a white cake with colored sprinkles.

One thin, lit, candle atop the cake.


(pg 3 – 4)


page three has a full, white, cake – with sprinkles – picture, divided by twelve.

On the left lip, edge, of the page, is an index – ruler shaped.

In this index is twelve slices of cake.  The numbers one through twelve are

just a-top each, triangle shaped, cake.


pg 4


To note:


The picture is of twelve, floating, purple balloons.

Each balloon has a number – from one to twelve.



(pg 5 – 6)


One orange cat – awake, after a nap.


See the mouse play peekaboo – under a yellow mat?



(pg 5 – 6)


See the cat go up the stairs?


See the cat sit on a chair?


To note:


The stairs photo is to the right, on page six.  There are ten black steps.  The backdrop, or

wall, is in light brown. The numbers – one through ten – are atop each step.

The chair is to the left, in the animated picture – any color and shape.

There are two pictures: top right – above the stairs.

And a trinket sits on a small ledge – on the wall, under the stairs.

This would be proximate to the chair.

It’s up to the animator where the cat is in the picture.


pg 5


On the right side page – page 5 – is random numbers – from one to ten, on display in the

picture – in black lettering.  The backdrop is a solid white.


(pg 7 – 8)


See the cat go down the hall?


The cat is tall.  But the mouse is small.



(pg 9 – 10)


Can he find this mouse at all?





(pg 11 – 12)


Outside, many snowflakes fall.


A snowman is built from round snowballs.


To note:


A ruler-shaped index on the side, of the page, highlights a circle shape.

Multiple, small, snowballs can be displayed for fun.

A snowman in the picture is highlighted by a thin red pen,

to accent the circle shape.


(pg 13 – 14)


Around his neck, a red scarf is hung.


Two black eyes help him see.



(pg 15 – 16)


An orange carrot helps him breathe.


From two stick hands, red mitts cleave.



(pg 17 – 18)


Do you like to play in the snow, in winter?


A cat and a mouse do too!



(pg 19 )


Who let them out?


Was it you?


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