Cereal Killer

by Rhyme In Time

Here’s a Halloween treat in celebration of sugary breakfast cereals…

I knew, of course, this day would come,
When my career would be undone–
Consuming joy now in the past,
No more to feed but only fast.

This smoothie sludge of grass and kale
Is all I have now to assail.
Yet trophies of my former kills,
Like emptied bowl, my empty fills.

Oh, box tops from my morning prey,
My sugar-starter to the day,
Sweet victims all I put to waist.
But not without exquisite taste!

‘I’m after you, my Lucky Charms!’
So taunted I as I wrought harm,
Each rubbery clover sent I south
By way of spoonfulls in my mouth.

Cheerios, you rolls of oats,
So helpless in my bowl you’d float
Like life rafts with no one to save–
I sent you all to prandial grave.

Soggy mush in milky lake,
I drowned you all, oh Frosted Flakes.
Each little scab of sugared corn
From further shelf-life were you shorn.

Rabbit-pellet Cocoa Puffs,
Spoon by spoon each one I snuffed.
Like Chocula on midnight feed
I made faux chocolate pellets bleed.

You, who went be Special K,
Met in me your final day.
But ‘special’ really was a stretch;
Took twice the sugar not to retch.

But not so you, oh Cap’n Crunch;
I had a second box for lunch!
Little squares of chem-coat rice
Like ship-wreck flotsam floated nice.

How I gnashed upon you, Wheaties,
Nevermore to see your sweeties.
Like summer pool Olympian
I dove right into you to win.

Raisin Bran! Without escape
Your dead-fly looking wizened grapes
I scooped into my hungry maw,
Then fibered ’till my end was raw.

Oh Loops of Fruit, you fought so hard
And cut my mouth like little shards.
Yet each of you I taught to rue–
You bled in multi-colored goo.

The irony, you box of Life,
You met your death by hunger rife.
But truth be told, you were so bland,
I let your brethren boxes stand.

And so it is for all to come;
My sugary cereal days are done.
I’ve naught to do but recollect
While forcing down this wholesome dreck.

by Rhyme In time

(image from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68b0QTtV7cE)


4 Comments to “Cereal Killer”

  1. Ha ha… what a nice rhythm. An ode to the “ sugary sweet “.

  2. daft breakfast! great poem.

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