History of love

by Megha's World


Our love is an illusion

a mirage,

like the sun setting in the sea

the light has traveled

from the past

to reach you and me;

the big explosion

our big bang which made us

the life around you and me

 we lit up the sky

weaved life in its tapestry;

our death gave birth

to the planets

and the constellations

a divinity for everyone

to see;

the attraction kept us in

our orbits

gave us the momentum

to our dance of attraction

a swirling dervish

intoxicated by pure serenity;

we birthed the seasons

and decorated our earth in the

different shades

of the color of glee;

our push and pull

moves the waves in the ocean

weaves the tides in the sea;

let’s enlighten  the star-spangled sky

till we shroud



and spring into the death spiral

to turn into the black hole

the inevitable death,

the final destination

for you and me.


I blog at Megha’s World

Photo by Adrian Pelletier on Unsplash



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