The Crying Machine

by William

Wish I had a crying machine

Could turn you on when things were lean

Would turn you off when things were good

When all the world be as it should


No time for tears, I’m in a rush

Diamonds and destiny, the world on hush

I could lean over and switch you on

Wailing and crying, you would know the drill

Tears in your eyes, you’ve had your fill


Tears slowly falling that’s my concern

Rusting away, when will you learn?

My crying machine, you want no more

Your insides rusted to the core


A machine like that brother I never had

You would greet me happily even when I’m sad

My image strapped tightly to your core

No one could ask for anything more


You wouldn’t weep during the day

Just simulated tears for me to spray

Mister machine can’t you read my mind

The love we need? We will never find


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