Ocean Blue – Yellow sunlight too!

by Colly


google image.


Rainbow colors I see.

Rainbow colors embrace me.


As puffy, white, clouds float by.

1 2 3 a-way up there, in the sky.



A-way down below. In the blue ocean.

Blue waves roll in motion.

As blue whales rise and dive.

Next to his mother’s side. A calf will thrive.



I hear a seagull squawk and cry.

Rise within the deep blue sky.

On smooth, large rocks his nest stay’s dry.



On day’s when the sun is shy.

And hides behind tear-streaked eyes.

Overcast lids barely let any, yellow, sunlight out.

You’re not smiling sun, why?



I can be your yellow when your day is grey.

I can be your sunbeam to take the sadness away.

When we play together everything’s OK.

Me and you together, we’ll embrace the day.



As the sun set’s, at dusk. And melt’s into the ocean bed.

Frogs and toads croak. Hop on lily-pads instead.

As fireflies brighten the night with a yellow light.



In tall grasses, crickets start to chirp and purr.

They sing a night-time melody. As their feet rub and stir.



Ssh, you have to be quiet.

If to hear the sounds of the rainbow-colored world.



While hand in hand.

Together we’ll make a picture in the sand.

Yes, we can.


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