Colorful Autumn

by Colly


leaves yellow

photo – mine


Colorful Autumn (title)


(pg 1 – 2)


A red play-wagon.  It has two seats. One – Two




A red rake to gather autumn leaves.


(pg 3 – 4)


A green Maple tree.




Its leaves turn red and orange, in Autumn.


(pg 5 – 6)


A green Cottonwood tree.  With triangle-shaped leaves.




Those leaves turn yellow, in Autumn.


(pg 7 – 8)


On windy day’s, the leaves fall to the ground.

And scatter all-around.




Then we gather them up.

Then run and jump a-top them for fun.


(pg 9 – 10)


They scatter again. So, we rake them up.

Do you play in the leaves, in Autumn, too?





Find more red, orange and yellow things in the picture?


(pg 11 – 12)


Three brown squirrels gather brown nuts nearby.

One – Two – Three

They pile them up.  Then carry them away.




They store those in homes in trees.

And will eat them in winter-time.


(pg 13 – 14)


From in the house, Mervin, our black cat, comes out.

He chases a bluebird up the tree.

That bird finds a tall brown branch to rest on.




My hand’s start to feel cold.

So, I put on my purple, knit, gloves grandma made.

Grandma’s are great!


(pg 15)



Find more brown, blue and purple things in the picture?


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