See The Train? Cling-Clang

by Colly




See The Train?

Cling-Clang (title)

choochoo t.

Trains carry many things.


Trains carry paper and pens.

In a square, green, boxcar.


Trans carry oil.

In a round, black, cargo tank.


Trans carry wheat.

In a round, orange, cargo barrel.


What else do trains carry?

Animals for resell.


See the five brown, clucking, chickens?

Four pink, grunting, pigs.

Three white, naying, goats

Two grey, braying, mules.

And one loud, cockatoo, rooster.


Clickety-clack Clickety-clack.

See the train go down the track?


Toot-toot And Woo-woo.


Cling-clang Cling-clang

go the wheel chains.


Now, see the train go-a-round the ben?

Up a hill.

And then through a dark tunnel.



Bye-bye train.

I hear the train’s whistle blow.


As my babysitter tucks me in bed.

Goodnight, to you, she says.


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