I Hear a Train!

by Colly


clip-art photo

cute train


I Hear a Train! (title)

(page 1 -2)


Yellow wheels turn

as the train goes


the clickety-clack train-track.


(page 3 – 4)


Yellow wheels screech, to stop.


As passengers get on and off.


(page 5 – 6)


Yellow wheels roll again.


See the train?


(page 7 – 8)


Go Up – Down and around.

The hilly countryside.


Clickety-clack – Clickety-clack,

Toot Toot!!


(page 9 – 10)


See the yellow sun?

It dips

DOWN in the west.


UNDER the tall mountains.


(page 11 – 12)


As passengers, on board, rest.

In their cozy, loft, beds.


Dark is the starry sky.

I count many with my eyes.


(page 13 – 14)


One Two Three,

Four Five Six,

Seven Eight Nine

and Ten.


When morning comes we travel again.

Toot Toot


(page 15 – 16)


I wave goodbye to many people outside.


Bye Bye Bye Bye

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