by Harry

Submitted by The Dark Horse


Do seasons shift?

Why do you stand in a limbo
Faithfully expecting the sun to remain

You’ll burn out from the rays of its ceaseless continuity
Only to then be eroded once the downpours turn up to your shores

Does passion eventually disenchant like fashion?

Why would you continually redress and remodel a single attire
Heartily believing the stale trend will resume to astonish like it once did

Does time consider?

Why do you assume the clock will excuse your inaction
The anchored sails
Idle moods
Dormant disposition

Will it backtrack for fair recompense
Disobeying it’s perpetual nature

Bask in the sun only for moments
Autumn stands as preparation for winters

Rummage through the shelves and wardrobes for new loves to explore

Ride through the hardships and burdens
And pedal on those hands of time like a unicycle

Change is unequivocally capricious
Leering to lunge on the uncertain
Locking horns with those that are bold in apprehension and fearless

Embrace or resist
The dividing fall between succession and repression
Swimming that bit further or sinking that bit deeper

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