A Puffy Fluffy Hamster

by Colly

hamster Aug 23rd


Image, Shutterstock


Puffy Fluffy is brown.

He has a white fur crown that wraps around.


Puffy Fluffy likes to run.

Down the hall, he thinks it’s fun.


Puffy Fluffy likes to hide.

Look in your shoe, he went inside.


Now, Puffy Fluffy’s under the long living-room curtain.

See the lump? But not for long.

Now, he runs under the kitchen cupboards.


Over, on-top of a pile of laundry, he finds a place to nap.

There he lay’s on pink and blue towels.

His fur looks wet from running so fast.

Does your belly need a scratch, Puffy?


Back in his cage, Puffy Fluffy likes to eat.

From a medal dish attached to his cage.

He eats vegetables and seeds but not meat.


What he loves is green cabbage.

And orange carrots.


Puffy Fluffy needs to sleep.

His eye-lids are droopy. And he’s a little cranky.

A yellow and purple, checked, blanket will keep him warm.

Close your eyes, Puffy – and don’t peek.


9 Responses to “A Puffy Fluffy Hamster”

  1. Beautiful! Well, do you really have Puffy Fluffy as a pet?
    And your writing styles is great too, a bunch of colors, huh?

    • We had the one hamster named Puffy Fluffy; he has passed away but we enjoyed him very much while we had him. I do tend to write early learning children’s board book style writing. 🙂

  2. What a lovely write! Please say hello from me to Puffy Fluffy 🙂

  3. The last line is sweet!


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