by Harry

Submitted by Marie Tarrant


I’m remembering days of yesteryear,
When fags were cheap, and so was beer.
When London streets were plagued by smog
When fires burned from coal and a log.
When steam poured out of engines of trains,
When there were no traffic jams in lanes.
When cars were new and bikes were rode,
When the coalman called and dropped his load.

When butchers, bakers and grocers delivered,
When winters came and everyone shivered.
When along the road went cinema queues,
When people were paying their provident dues.
When you bought your sweets by a ration book,
When war was declared the whole world shook.
When farthings were in your shopping bill,
When doctors charged when you were ill.
When shop keepers served your every whim,
When weekly wages were the thing.
When schools gave punishment with the cane,
When not many people were travelling by plane.
I guess by remembering yesteryear,
I could go on for ever I fear.
Although these days were far from graced,
Such memories can never be replaced.

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