Puffy Fluffy the Hamster

by Colly

sweet hamster photo

Puffy Fluffy likes to roll

down the hall

in his round hamster ball.



Puffy fluffy likes to run

in his round – purple – play wheel too.

This hamster sure has a lot to do!


Now, he stops to have a meal.

He chews on green broccoli.

And white cauliflower too.


Puffy Fluffy likes to sleep

in his small – red – round dome home.

He covers the entrance with

wood chips so no-one can peek.



Puffy Fluffy is an escape artist!

When running free, outside his

cage, he finds many places to hide!



He may hide in your shoe. Or the sock

a-top your first dresser drawer.



Now he runs under the long curtain in your living-room.

By the couch, he finds a laundry basket to rest in at last.

He snuggles in-between the blue and yellowgreen and red towels.

Puffy Fluffy’s fur is wet from running so fast.

His brown belly needs a little scratch.



Once back in his cage, he has a snack from his

round, metal, food dish attached to his cage.

He chomps on an orange carrot.

Then he eats some tiny hamster seeds.



Now, in his round – purple – circular tube he travels up.

In his cozy loft, he burrows under wood chips to rest.

Can you see him up there?

That Puffy Fluffy sure likes to hide!

Sleep well Puffy Fluffy, goodnight.



(wrote fast, will need a revise)


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