by Harry

Submitted by Marie Tarrant


The smoke from chimneys climbing high
Form cloud like objects in the sky
The mist lies hovering over a field
Logs for fires in gardens build
The smell of cooking through the air
With bonfire smoke, they mix and share
The sun is out but cooler now
The farmers put away the plough
Trees undressed and waiting for,

The season when it’s cold no more
Church bells sounding on the winter breeze
Everyone’s ready for the freeze
Sometimes there was the smell of fog
But on the fires went that large log
Cold outside but warm indoors
People wrapped up doing chores
Shorter days and longer nights
Where every room has burning lights
Winter’s so much different these days
‘Cos people now have changed their ways
Even the weather is different too
But some things stay the winter through
Smoke from chimneys now have gone
But everything else just lingers on
The older winters hold for me
Happy days and sweet memory

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