Ode to Kashmir

by Harry

Submitted by Ayesha Azhar


Three in the morning
There’s been a raid
Twenty-one for the mourning
Seventeen coffins prepared

Wild, wild and vile
Blood, gore and bile
Broken limbs; still, still eyes
Food everywhere; it’s a feast for the flies

They said it’s a Do or Die
But they were too gentle
Too honest to tell the truth
Do and Die. Die and Die. Die die die.

Martyrs? Paradise.
Torture centres. Embassies. Lies.
Uniformed men? Uninformed men.
But armed. With power. With arms.

16 killed, 23 Disappeared
Millions of minions protest
36 mothers, 36 Dreams
Why were they Dreamers?

Blossoms, orchards and valleys
So bright and full of colour
Shades and shades of red
Red on white, red everywhere
Beautiful Kashmir.

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