by Megha's World

Grin and bear it
bear the trickling pain
the harrowing death
which slowly reeks
from every single pore
of your body
pain and suffering
is a common trend
but empathy and care
is a phenomenon, unknown.

Grin and bear it
If you ever show the scrapes
to the hunting wolves
those bloodhounds
which circle you
will come looking for you
for their favorite prey
tore and chew pieces of you
till you are turned into
a ball of gore

Grin and bear it
as this is the society
filled with voyeuristic heart
soulless eyes,
and taloned hands with bony fingers
which will scrape your wounds
a little bit more

Grin and bear it
as your dejected
crestfallen soul
counts each day
towards deliverance
till the divine light
consumes you whole

Grin and bear it.
One day more.

I blog at Megha’s World

Photo by Yingpis Kalayom on Unsplash

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