Our Prisons, Created by Us

by pranabaxom

The poem below was first published on my blog, http://www.fleetingmuse.wordpress.com, on July 31, 2018.

In our comfort zone,
We build our fortresses.
Keep out, we shout.
None that are
Not us,
Do not belong.
Ideas, stay out.
Slowly but surely
Our cocoons,
They turn into our
We cavort,
Blissfully unaware;
Lulled by the lullaby
Of our executioners.
In the name of
Our chosen almighty,
We betray our own,
Labeling them
Goaded by those
To whom we mortgaged
Our rights and responsibilities,
Dulled by perception
Of promised privileges,
We obfuscate lies to truth,
Praising those
Who have purchased
Our brains.
Thinking is hard,
Delegate it to others.
Here to enjoy
A comfortable life,
Where our dues
Will be handed to us.
Oblivious and blind,
We are led
To our slaughter
By our protectors.
As we silently march
Smug in our
Misguided beliefs
To our impending gallows,
Our heads down,
Smirks of malevolence
Escape our
Sightless eyes.
Our fortresses, our cocoons,
Our prisons
Lie crumbling.
From dust to dust.

© Pranab Sarma, 2018

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