Guidelines for Confession

by Megha's World

“Wait for that wisest of all counselores, Time.” 
― Pericles


They say confessions
can absolve you
They can make you pure.
You will be pristine
as the seraphic soul.

Those angels hanging from the walls of the church
sometimes on the corners of the street
Confession they say must come from the purest of heart
any lies mixed in ..will render it useless
The pain of the shredded tongue in between the teeth
will make you burn in hell.
Stuck between the limbo
Confession they say must be clean as
the cotton swab soaking the antiseptic
no impurity
else it will cause infection
Confession they say must be as pure
as the mother’s milk
/straight from the heart/
They gave all the guidelines for the confessions
but forgot to tell me
who should I confess to if everyone is
soaked in sin
rotting in hell,
their skin yellowed by time
with a devil perched on their shoulder.

I blog at Megha’s World


Photo by Fischer Twins on Unsplash

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