An American Satire

by Harry

Submitted by Peter M Burns

The elephant sitting in a sycamore tree
Lazily peeling a banana for his tea
Pauses to wonder why ants are free
To march with banners extolling
Demands to ban pesticides that are
Harmful to them and pollenating bees.

From his lofty position he flaps his ears
To cool his cup of Scottish flavoured tea
Before turning on the TV to hear
The news which is his norm
And catch up with how the Donkey
Is performing, progressing, getting along
When he unexpectedly bursts into song,
Or phones the gnomes behind
Behind their backs to speak directly to
The whiskered assembled rats
Who fervently deny and knowledge
Of any feral cats
Then strangely morph into fruit bats
To settle in the tree next to him
Watching TV and pamper his every whim
And desire until in a fit of pique
He shouts,
” You are all fired!”
Then falls to earth
For all to see.

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