I Know a Place

by Alanna

IMG_0893I Know a Place

Where the bones of the earth

Are laid bare

Rippled muscles of relief

Carved by centuries of thunderstorms

I know a place

Of cool arroyos shaded by cottonwoods

Ringed by cliffs of sandstone & terracottaIMG_0917

Once the beds of ancient oceans

IMG_0878I know a place

Where sagebrush, pinyon, & juniper dot the landscape

The air filled with their savory fragrance

And the ground peppered by their gray remains

I know a place

Where striped lizards race about the rocks,

Rabbits hide in the brush

And the falcon stalks its prey

Soaring in the sky above

I know a place

Where the spirits of the ancient ones

Float above the mesas

And visions fly out of my head

Like crows going home to roost


Photos by the author

For the backstory on this poem go to byalannapass.com


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8 Comments to “I Know a Place”

  1. Beautiful post, Alanna. Loved the visuals. ❤

  2. 🦋 I love this. Yes, great visuals. 🦋

  3. Magnificent. Love how you accented the poem with photos

  4. Thanks for your thoughtful comment

  5. I don’t know that place,
    But you make me want to find it
    Next time you plan to go,
    Take me with you – if you don’t mind it.

    • OK Jan..This special place is Ghost Ranch north of Santa Fe New Mexico. It’s a retreat center that offers all kinds of writing, art, and spiritual classes and workshops. You would love it. I ususally try to go every year- than there was Covid. Check them out at ghostranch.org. I will keep you in mind next time I go!

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