The creative well is all dried out

by Harry

Submitted by Catherine Keller

The creative well is all dried out
Hiding the truth in plain sight
Seasons change and so do we
In this dysfunctional paradise.
Another day about to be wasted
As a fading youth
Trapped within these ink-splattered pages.

Broadcasting thoughts that cannot find the right words
Paid opinions of tomorrow
Attempts at a perspective
That everyone will agree on.
Sailing through to Saturday
On caffeine and heavy eyelids
And a mattress that keeps serenading me
Believing my talent is like an empty pen
All dried up.

Scribbling incoherent sentences
Surfing through in silence
The blank page taunting me
The blinking cursor mocking me
My laptop screen numbing my eyes.
Working with words I need to wander for
A flurry of frustration furrowing my brow
Paychecks only flow when the words do
And sometimes writing feels like I’m trying
To staple water to a tree.
For now, I am stuck staring at the ceiling fan
Like it has the answers I’m looking for.

2 Comments to “The creative well is all dried out”

  1. Oh my God. This was amazing. I love where you said It feels like I’m trying to staple water to a tree

  2. Wonderful wordsmirthery – simply proving that the words always come to save the day

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