by Harry

Submitted by Catherine Keller

We’re always chasing, killing and craving time
There will always be bullies
Whether it be in the sandbox
Or the Senate.

No one dies on time
It’s either too early
Or too late.
Hell is crowded
Heaven is scarce
The poor deserve to be rich
And the rich deserve to be poor.

Chocolate and wine make life
A little more bearable
But of course
Those raise your cholesterol
But it’s the price to pay
For a sliver of happiness.

We destroy our surroundings and each other
Our trees, our animals
To build cities and corporations
Demolishing green to make green
Exterminating other species
To satisfy our selfish desires
Melting our wildlife, north and south
Flooding our carelessness.

Continuing to fix our flesh
With an aroma of ignorance in the air
With luscious lies and terrible truths
On the radio and TV.
Veterans come back with emotional scars
And nauseating nightmares
Victims are penalized
When it should be the predators.

We are all competing for jobs
With whoever has the most
Expensive piece of paper
And days consist of
Coffee stains and mindless driving
Numbers do not define who we are
Our GPA, income, weight
But that is not us!
We should not be scared to have opinions
And no is a word that’s heard too often
And not spoken enough
And we are harsh, because the world is back to us.

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